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See more than a resume or transcript

Studium allows employers access to the skills and attributes that so often lead to success.

  • Direct access to talent
  • Deeper insights to aid the recruitment process
  • Industry intelligence
  • Real time talent pools

Studium brings the brightest talent to you:

  • Productivity benefits
  • Instant access
  • Demonstrated evidence of skills and attributes
  • Controlled search parameters
  • Industry and market insights

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Be More

Be more than a number

Studium allows students to create rich profiles that tell the real story of your skills and attributes.

Tell your own story

  • Control your profile
  • Real time feedback
  • Expanded opportunities

Studium opens up the talent market:

  • Easier access to bright people
  • Streamlined process
  • Showcase the important "soft skills"
  • Market insights

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Do More

Do more with the talent at hand

Studium provides a platform for universities and highschools to better understand and develop their student populations.

  • Identify the brightest talent earlier than ever before
  • Understand the student population
  • Watch student profiles evolve
  • Pinpoint areas for assistance and development

Studium helps you better understand both the student and the marketplace:

  • Student insights
  • Real time cohort data
  • Greater connectivity
  • Industry trends

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